4 in 1 Multi-fucntional Laser

This Machine is a OPT System, you are free to do the treatment.
APT Laser has started to apply semiconductor-cooling technology to IPL for a long time, which avoids clinic complications such as skin scald and pigmentation caused in the application of IPL to Fitzpatrick III-VI. Nowadays, APT Laser has made a new breakthrough in IPL technology. which makes each pulse energy remain steadily and regularly, guarantees that energy output is consistent with that display on LCD, and ensures safety and efficiency of treatment. This is a tremendous innovation of IPL Technology.
1. Wrinkle reduction and facelist
2. Skin rejuvenation and breast care
3. Hair removal for all area of the body and face
4. Freckle taking can acheive wonferful result
5. Vascular lesions speically choice
6. Acne treatment and tattoo removal
Advantages: 1.Safe: OPT system can delivers average energy and avoids the epidermis burns.
2.Efficient: Over length pulse duration enhances the treatment efficiency.
3.Comfortable: Painless and cooling technology, guarantees the effect of treatment.
4.Economical: offers you Optimal treatment with high quality and lower cost.
light source: high power pulse wavelength
coverage: 560 — 1200 nm 、640 — 1200 nm 、530 — 1200 nm
energy density: 0 — 50J/cm2
facula area: 15x 50 mm2
pulse number: 1 — 6
pulse width: 1 — 10 ms
pulse interval: 5 — 99 ms
repetition rate: 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 s
Power: 800W
Screen:10.4IN RF:300W 1M
input power source: AC 220V±10% 47~63HZ
working: intermittent operation
maximum input power: 300W
operating temperature of probe: 0℃-5℃
energy density: 0-505J/m3 working atmosphere:
temperature +5℃~+40℃;
humidity level ≤80%
atmospheric pressure 86kPa~106kPa
LASER Laser type: gem Q-switch import,
ND: YAG Wavelength: double wavelength 1064nm 532nm
Pulse energy: single pulse ≥ 350mJ d ouble pulse ≥ 600mJ
multi-pulse ≥ 1500mJ