DM-100 Table Super pulsed CO2 laser system

一、 Product characteristic
1. Sealed off, DC excited CO2 laser
2. Work mode:
CW (continuous wave)
Super pulse
3. Film switch, computer-control, large screen liquid crystal display module

4. Security protection and automatic alarming system

5. Diode laser target instructions
6. Articulated arm have three freedom degrees and seven joints

二、Technical parameters

1. Laser:Sealed off CO2 laser

2. Laser Mode:Tem01

3. Wavelength:10.6μm, far-infrared

4. Aiming indicating light:<2 mW635 nm

5. Spot size:The least diameter is 0.2mm

6. Beam Delivery system:Articulated arm of three-degree and seven-join

7. Laser power

1) CW:0.5-10 W

2) Super pulse:

Peak power: 50 W

The largest single pulse energy: 60 mJ

Pulse width: 200-950μS

Pulse frequency: 1 -500Hz

3) Pulse:

Average power: 0.5-10 W

Peak power:30 W

Pulse frequency:33.3 Hz

Pulse width:change with the power

8. Input power:400VA

9. Input power supply:220+22V AC 50+1Hz3A

10. Cooling system:Full-closed cycle cooling water

11. Dimension :750mm×400mm×220mm

12. Weight:15 kg

三、Application Scope

It could be used to incise, cauterize, solidify and radiate for tissue of human body. And it is also widely used in Plastic department, Dermatology, Surgery, Gynecology, ENT, Nonnasality department.