AFT SHR Andis No.1

Comfortable Experience for Patients
AFT SHR series are very safe, effect and comfortable platform in aesthetic and medical field. AFT is a multi-spectrum pulsed light which is narrower than traditional IPL. At present, AFT series has attracted more and more customers, especially for the skin type IV above. Because it can achieve perfect result without any pain Application: Hair removal & skin rejuvenation painless IPL Hair removal in-motion AFT SHR
A. Pain-Free AFT with the wavelength 420nm-950nm give patients a comfortable experience, make them relax and easy to do acne therapy, skin rejuvenation, face lifting, breast care, pigmentation, vascular therapy and hair removal. it is easy to know that water absorption coefficient become more and more increasively from 950nm. It means the near infrared light from 950nm to 1200nm will absorb a lot of water from target placeand make the treatment painful relatively. However, AFT only keep 420nm-950nm wavelength to shoot on patients, stay water on target skin and do the treatment pain-free. More comfortable and better result!!!
B. Advanced Technology AFT applys Square Pulsed Technology with stability and uniform of energy which contribute to no side effect of pain and burn. The technology was experienced and tested well already. Paramaters please contact us!!!
Packing: Professional special design pakcing
can saftely shipped by following Tansportation Company! painless IPL Hair removal in-motion AFT SHR painless IPL Hair removal in-motion AFT SHR
After sale service:
1. Fast Delivery: we deliver the machine accordingly, but it is fast, we have good shipping companies and the price is very competitive!
2. Good training: as though the operation is easy, we will teach operators to do the treatment step by step until they can do freely.
3. 2 years‘ warranty for free, 3 years is OK based on the price! Surely most of our customers do not have even small trouble within 5 years, we are so proud of our quality!!!
All machines from APT LASER are CE approval, please be free to buy and use them!