2940nm Er Yag laser

Product Description

Er-YAG laser 1. Scar removal; 2. Wrinkle removal; 3. Organic pigment removal; 4. Speckle, naevus and acne etc. Removal.



Principle of Treatment ?

Erbium YAG laser is solid pulse laser with wavelength 2940nm that exactly at the maximum absorption peak of water. It has ten times water absorption than the traditional carbon dioxide laser (10,600micro-mm). So this solid laser can cause shallow skin rapid warming well, then vaporize organises precisely and strip shallower cuticle in the smallest hot injury cases (limited to the 30-50ms range). The principle of treatment is that turn laser beam into a spot by changing the laser focusing properties, and then scans the spot with certain graphics by pattern generator to remove the target tissue within the scanning scope with the heat that generated in an instant by the laser spot.?

Application ?

1. Scar: traumatic scar, surgery scar, hyperplastic scar, superficial scar, pitting scar, atrophic scar, keloid and acne scar etc; 2.Syringocystadenoma, papular pimple, trichoepithelioma, steatoadenoma, Seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis, porokeratosis, telangiectasis and bottle nose etc; 3. Benign naevus, malignant naevus, freckle, age pigment, scalelike speckle, mottled naevus and cafe au lait macule etc; 4. Verruca vulgaris, verruca plana, tetter and keratoma etc; 5. Wrinkle and striae gravidarum dispelling; 6. Vitligo, psoriasis and chloasma can be cured after upgraded.?

Technical Parameter ?

1.Type of Laser: Er-YAG laser; 2.Wavelength: 2940nm; 3.Facular Diameter: Φ4 -- Φ7; 4.Electrical Requirement: 110V/220V±10% 50Hz 10A 5.Specification: 520mm × 490mm × 1030mm 6.Power: 1000W 7.Net Weight: 29.8kg