DM-1200 ND Yag Q-switch Laser

Work Principle?

The advanced technology of Q ¨Cswitch is adopted in the equipment release laser energy in very short time so that huge impulse can be formed when the absorbed by pigment tissue with pathological changes, it will become a shock wave which can break pigment tissues into pieces which will be licked up by the cells in blood .in this way ,the pigment will fade away and the disease be cured.


range of skin conditions:

1064nm wavelength,

It can also remove tattoo, dark color around the eyes, blue pigment with pathological changes lentigines flecks, traumatic pigment; Age spots Pigmentation

The equipment of laser with 532nm wavelength can cure red; shallow coffee color flecks; it can also get rid of red, brow tattoo, tattoo eyebrows and lips, and brown pigment with pathological changes.


Technical Specifications

Laser Wavelength: 1064nm/532nm
Laser Energy: ≥500mJ
Pulse Duration: ≤8ns

Pulse Sequence : Can be turned continuously
between 1 and 10 times
Output Mode: Six-joint arm
Laser source: Nd: YAG
Indicator Light : Red 632.8nm
System Specifications
Physical Dimensions : 1170x430x715mm
Weight: 60Kg

Electrical Requirement: AC 220V/50Hz